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Raise the Hoops for Racquet Sports

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Raise the Hoops for Racquet Sports

The Student Recreation Center is a vibrant facility serving many different sports and organizations. While we have made some regular improvements and maintenance to the facility, we want to make it even more inviting for other users. Right now our basketball hoops get in the way of racquet sports such as tennis and pickleball. Additionally, we have three basketball courts, but only two with hoops. This has been a compromise all around, but this project aims to add flexibility and capacity to all these thriving sports.

This project will suspend six basketball hoops from the wall/ceiling. Each hoop will be able to be raised and lower with the push of a button. We can go from basketball to racquets in seconds. Tennis would have 3 full courts to use for tournaments. If court 2 is occupied by volleyball, tennis could utilize court 3 and not be impeded by the hoops.

Thanks for your support towards growing recreational opportunities at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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