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Welcome Students Back to Campus

You still have time to welcome students back before Monday, August 23! Join 10 alumni and friends to welcome students back.  $435 has been raised so far!

Let's welcome students back together

Do you remember your very first day?


This year's back-to-school is an important first-day for so many students, not just the freshmen. I’m so proud of our students for taking classes online to keep one another healthy, but I sure am excited to see all their faces in person again on Monday!

Sitting in the stadiums and strolling campus trails, waiting for a year and a half for alumni and students to return—life just isn't the same without you. You and I have to stick together to make sure UAA is always ready for students, no matter what challenges we face.

Let's celebrate the return to our campuses together. It would mean so much to me. I remember the first day you walked onto campus … 

Welcome UAA students back this year with a donation to UAA.

Every donation makes a difference. You are #SeawolfNation. 



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